Wednesday, November 17, 2010

update on my life and some motivational things.

Hello guys so recently very recently like last night as i made the thanksgiving post i got cut of my dance team for choosing to go to class instead of dance. I'm sure you all know how frustrating and painful it must of been for me I need dance in my life and  usually i need some kind of activity in my life that makes me active so i don't go insane. Any way so do to that i ended up taking a break from technology and painting my nails with my roommate and reading the book  "Pretty little liars " the first book anyway. But on to something less depressing  so in the past month since i have not given any actual updates since September   I have had several events.
1) baby Aiden's baptism
isn't he such an adorable baby
2) I got a new laptop that is amazing i have decided to name her POLLY
polly isa Toshiba satellite 1165
3) my eating habbits have been like this maybe i get to eat like this ooo once a week there is no time and no good food on a college campus. and it is very hard to find time to cook my own food. (Coming soon undercover college dorm living vegan : im hoping to show you and inside view of dorm living. )
4) for Halloween i was in my old felician cheerleading uniform my roommate was the crazy zombie on the right.
5) the first Halloween party we had i was ...... (comon now guess ) ... ok ok i was SNOOKIE ! however do not think i watch the jersey shore i did it in protest to one of my friends but i  got allot of " omg you actually look like snookie comments.
so  now that you have that small but brief update. i have been having a heard time with my vegan diet  there is nothing ABSOLUTELY nothing to eat on campus besides salad. Don't get me wrong i love a good salad but every day i just cant handle that i like hot food. In light of this situation i went looking this morning for motivation on how to become a more active vegan and just be comfortable in knowing that everything i do has a great and positive reason behind it. and then i found this :

Teen activist  her-name is Nia Froome i found this article on the VEG NEWS. it is a very good article for those of you who think we cant make a difference this just shows you can at any age.

ok so after i found this article i went on a search for people in the spotlight who are vegan who are not only making a difference in the animal world but in  my world too.

recently i have heard that alicia silverstone cheats on her vegan life style so I'm not sure if i should put her up here but you guys let me know how you felt when you found out that news because when i did i was a bit dumb founded. like how do you cheat on your vegan lifestyle. 

well guys i see this was kind of a long winded post but i got all my updates in and more to come
comming soon:  "undercover vegan spy "
when i get my 15 followers i will  do a vegan makeup tutorial. 
and  a view into dorm life

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