Wednesday, November 24, 2010

my food craves this week !!!!

So i went through several blogs and picked out which recipes i cant wait to try whether it be for the holidays or just for fun. Most of the ones this week are for the holidays  after all it is almost thanks giving.
 1) this is by  Go Vegan Meow   i chose this one purely  for fun it lets me have some of my Spanish flavor.
2) this recipe is by I Eat Treats  i cant wait to make this and review it i have a feeling it is going to taste amazing.
3) Vegan Egg Nog  by La Pure Mama  i cant wait to make this for me my boyfriend and roommate :) .
4) chocolate strawberry cake by Go Vegan Meow 

5) and everything from this post by I Eat Trees truly think this is whats going to be on my menu tomorrow night. 

Happy cooking every one 
And have a happy Vegans Giving 
Yvonne -Marie

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