Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ThanksGiving SPECTACULAR!!

So Thanks Giving is next week  who else is excited  common on now  you know you all are. So tonight in light of the fact that I'm taking a small break from my studies and relaxing by blogging. Here is a Vegan Thanksgiving  recipes and tips i found.
 this link has every tip for all you new vegans and the old ones who need to  find some ways to make thanks giving fun and yummy for you.

here are some recipes i found  that i think are thanks giving fun. and Kudos to those vegan chefs who created them.

Cranberry cooler and Sauce. 
this is by : Manifest vegan 

This last one literally has all of the following pictures i find it to be the friendliest Vegans Giving site ever!!

You can find all these recipes on Cest LA Vegan  
Happy Vegans Giving ... get ready get set gooooooo COOK !!!
send me your stories of your vegan recipes and how your past thanks givings have gone. 
Yvonne-Marie <3 V

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