Sunday, November 14, 2010

X-Mas list !!!!Whats in yours??

So Christmas is almost  here and  I'm interested to know what everyones lists look like. i know some of my friends wanted allot of technology toys and or books, so i was curious to see how some of everyone Else's lists looked like.
here is my list ( these are some of the things i want / need but know i cant get right now )
The X-Mas List of Y-M.V
New Balance running shoes (New Balance 812)
Eliptigo (i reallllllllllllyyyyyy want this but this is way to pricey to ever get )

these handmade earring are truly amazing i cant help but want them (karim in case your reading these are great x-mas gifts :) ) 

BReville juicer (now i know i have not done any juicing yet and i really want to but I'm missing this a cheaper version is fine i have just heard that this one was truly the best. 

so you all know how obsessed i am wit my hair and since i have discovered etsy i appreciate the handmade works and natural products people make and this is only 5.50 usd and i think it really will leave my hair soft and shiny. 
this is my little list two things on my list are of course out of reach for me right now but i will surely  start saving up for them. 
also before i close this blog up i want to introduce a site i found through twitter post i want anything and everything from this site (seriously i do ) it looks like a great site and the prices seem somewhat reasonable. 
Introducing : FOODFIGHT!
next time i will try to show you what  i plan on doing for gifts for my friends and love ones. 
and for any gal trying to figure out what to get her fella  try a gift basket they are not just for girls and you can make manly baskets :)
happy blogging 


  1. this list! Thanks for adding Pink Dandy =)

  2. Lol I love this Christmas list. I want socks and a weight watchers cook book, some make up and the xbox 360 with kinect, lol I know I wont get the last one but I can dream lol.