Friday, August 6, 2010

all the wonderful guiding sites for vegans

Hello everyone

As promised  i have a ton of vegan help, vegan shopping, vegan cooking, and just plain old vegan information websites.  This is a big list so go through them as you wish this wont be taken down.  And as i continue learning more through transitioning  i will continue to add  new items to the list.

Guru's ( i feel some of these people are amazing at giving off information ) sites if you want to shop ( i have gon on some of these to check if they did have vegan supplies)  ( I've heard this is the best vegan cheese cake ) Clothing

If you dinning in NYC here are some amazing places to go to   (I have my review on these guys they are truly amazing)  (this is a list of nyc places to hit up its a full map with phone numbers and everything )  



For every one transitioning out there i hope these websites help you as much as they have helped me.

Enjoy :)
xoxo Yvonne-Marie

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