Friday, August 20, 2010

Jerk TOFU recipie

I made this one i was inspired by celery in the cities blog. this recipie is simple all you need is:
Jerk sauce
salt papper
diaya cheese (optional)
onion white
and green bell pepper

I started with the picture above three slabs of tofu they were fairly thick slices. I pressed them and then copped then up and places two tbl spoons of the jerk sauce.

2TBL spoons was a really good amount i placed the pieces in foild and rubbed them for about a minitue in the sauce then slosed it up and placed in my refridgerator for an over night marinating session.

After i had preped my tofu i chopped this White onion in to pieces along with this green bell pepper.
I like fairly small piences so they were chopped up pretty good.
after both were chopped i sprayed some palm olive oil onto a small frying pan and saute'd the vegies with salt and pepper so that they could have there own little flavor.

The pepper and onion looked so good and smelled awesome.

This morning i took the tofu pieces out and they definatly soaked in all of not most of the jerk sauce. I placed the tofu pieces into  the  glass bowl with the onions and peppers and mixed evenly then i dont know why but i placed about a hand ful of diaya cheese and placed in the oven to back for 30 minutes at 300 degreese.

And for those of you who know about my battle with making tofu taste somewhat decent. I must say that this was definatly a good recipie and it definatly filled me up for the day. I hope you guys  try this and like it as much as i have.
Happy eating

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