Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today i found out my grandmother had shipped over HUGE florida mangos for me and when i mean huge i mean huge check it out.
yea i was not joking, well so as u know my addiction with mangos is fatal so i made a great big blender filled batch of mango smoothie.this mango made about four of  our big cups me, rosie, mark, and my mom all enjoyed a glass. you can find the recipie on my food section in the blog .

So other things i did today was decide i was going to print every recipie i want on all the really good vegan blogs and make a book now im still pondering if i should auction off the book after or make a seperate book. to be auctioned off.

Also do to some very stupid car issues i had to order from fresh direct  you can look up the site on google and it will take you right to it . Now a tip if your vegan and hate going through all the sections this site  when you type in vegan it actually gives you vegan supplies that hits every category of groceries the only down fall that was not really quite unexpected was that it has to be delivered on friday while im at work. this means i shall not be  making anything new untill i get the new groceries if i like there service i shall be doing a review and showing you what i got.
Happpy eating
Yvonne -Marie

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