Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy herbivore polenta recipie !!!

Ok so the other day i decided it was time to get serisous and try some intense vegan coooking like stuff that isnt frozen lol so i  did start and i picked Happy herbivores pizza polenta recipie at first i was not sure because it required using an over but let me tell you it was worth using the oven for other  than the usual cupcakes i burn lol.

so  you can check out her recipie onher website  you just go through her blog and it shall be there im going to try and make my own version soon.

this picture is of what i thought was a crust it kind of plays a crust but its delicate however i did not know cormeal could tast this good.

the crust only hold about five ingredients and two of them you probably have in your house already salt and pepper. and i found corn meal at my local store for 79 cents so its not expensive and then italian seasoning which i guess can be substituted not to sure though.

This is a picture of the polenta with the yummy veggies and addictive diya cheese  my first onecame out better than the second only because i was in a bit of a rush with the second one this is a picture of my first one.
this was truly yummy andi recomend reading her blog for more yummy  recipies.
I hope you all drool over these pictures.
Happy eating

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