Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ok so today i must say was a very hot day and I know it was raining out side but my kitchen was very hot. I was baking frying roasting and boiling all day long. I decided  to try some recipes now that i have the ingredients for most of them. and decided it was time to make my own recipes which unfortunately wont be up today but i promise will be up tomorrow.

I made Happy Herbivores  cinnamon bun smoothie for breakfast this was really good and filling. I made a fun lunch they were Happy herbivores corn dogs if you follow my twitter you know that her corn cover for the tofu dog was amazing but the dog however was not! Now I'm not sure if its because of the fact that I'm only a month in to being vegan or if its because  the tofu pups  just was not the best tasting brand. I'm going with that my taste buds are still use to the real "meat" hot dogs because I've heard raving reviews about tofu pups by all the vegans who cook up some amazing recipes. After  the taste bud (Fail)which honestly I'm disappointed about,  I decided to make my dinner early  (mostly because i didn't want to leave the kitchen :)) i made rice my Spanish beans and some rice. Now i was a bad vegan because i sued white rice because it was already made and i kind of want to save my big bad of brown rice for school, To top off my rice and beans i BBQ grilled some gardine chicken cutlets. My Spanish bean recipe will be up on here on the FOOD tab tomorrow when i get home from work.
I took a break to eat and feed the little brother when i decided i wanted ice cream so of course i made Happy herbivore's raw ice cream IT WAS AMAZING  my mother even liked it although i have to say i might find another recipe for it only because my brother hates bananas and is allergic to them any ways so please  if you have a cookie, ice cream, even cake  recipe with out bananas in it I would greatly appreciate it and would defiantly site you on it. but any way here is her website for the RAW VEGAN ICE CREAM.

I figured i should give the kitchen a break and my dad comes home with a bunch of red peppers ( my absolute favorite ) and it dawned on me to make roasted peppers. How roasting peppers turned into making my own recipe for hummus I still do not know but it take really good and its all mine. The recipe will be up tomorrow along with the Spanish beans recipe.

Hope everyone is excited to see the recipes on the FOOD tab tomorrow i know i am . Below are some  picture of every thing from today.


can you guess which one is the roasted pepper left or right?

Happy -Blogging

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