Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Todays Activities

I'm sorry i know i promised all the recipes to be up before today but i got caught up with so many things and my job is not training the person who will take over when i leave back to school so I'm very occupied at work to blog any more:( . how ever tonight i will try my best to post the recipes and stuff. Since i have been mia for the past two days i feel i should let you know what i have been up to.

You may know I'm still buying things just so that when school comes i have a very well stocked kitchen cabinet so that i am prepared for everything college has to throw at me school and food wise. The cafeteria at my school is not the best place to be vegan so i shall be cooking  a lot more meaning there will be Sunday food blogs because I have chosen that Sundays will be the cooking days.

Enough now for some fun FOOD PORN
As you know i made my own hummus recipe which i altered to have red peppers and a regular hummus both recipes will be up soon .

This lovely dish here is what i had for dinner last night I'm trying to take out needing meat in my plate. I honestly think i need a (meat substitute on my plate 1- because I'm still transitioning 2- because its usually the one main hot thing on the plate). so I'm desperately trying to kick the habit.

I also did some shopping :)

I bought a green salad, Pb and j , 2 bagels, baking powder two containers of almond breeze, silkened tofu, and earth balance butter.

I finally figured out whole foods and found where everything is so not it should be much  much simpler to shop for all the food i need.

In Tab THE MASH there will be a nail polish review you should go check it out I'm not sure if the company is vegan or not but its a very popular  brand  so everyone should check it out any ways and I'm sorry if its not vegan i seriously did not know  if it is or isn't so i apologize in advance if it is.

I'm still currently working on the recipe book for  the auctioning i think ill auction it off when i have a few followers ill give an exact number later.  But i hope for now this is a little update on what I'm currently doing until i can get back into the blogging game.

Happy everything

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