Monday, August 9, 2010

Anti againg Vegan beauty treatments

Nutritionist Keri Glassman, author of The Snack Factor Diet, suggests mashing a banana and grating five almonds for a mask that exfoliates, smoothes, and fights aging.

Normal complexions will soak up the age-fighting, antioxidant benefits from olive oil, says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. Dab the oil onto flaky areas, or mix a teaspoon of brown sugar with a quarter cup of olive oil for a nutritious cleanser.

Ole Henriksen, founder of the Ole Henriksen Spa in Los Angeles, says you can perk up your skin with a cleanser that combines a cup of plain yogurt and 2 teaspoons of dry red tea leaves. Sponge on the mixture and use it as a cleanser. Henriksen says the yogurt helps fade uneven pigmentation and the tea leaves are gentle enough to scrub any complexion.

Insider Tip: How to Make the Most of Your Homemade Beauty Treatments

Although all the good-for-your-skin ingredients are crucial for a facial to work, the method used to apply them is just as important. “The reason you look so great after a facial is because you have increased blood circulation to your skin due to the facial massage,” says Eva Scrivo, owner of Eva Scrivo Salons in New York City.

It just takes three minutes and you can do it whenever applying a homemade beauty treatment or even just cleansing. “This is the reason aestheticians have beautiful skin,” Scrivo says. Here’s how she advises getting your complexion into shape: Whenever you apply a treatment or cleanse, apply light pressure -- enough so you can feel the bones of your face -- with your finger tips. Start at the jaw line and move up to the forehead using upward strokes.

where i found these tips for animal friendly facial care webmd


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