Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello everyone so last yesterday i did ALOT of blogging so much i have blogged for a month.LITERALY i have made updates for every day till my birthday on my birthday im going to try and do a give away for vegan goodies beauty products and handy gadgets for the kitchen. But i will need atleast 50 ppl to apply for the auction on my b-day ill realease a post a week before and then the count down will start from there. But on another note i also use this blog to write down what I eat.
this morning (meaning yesterday morning ) i had a bagle with jelly and earth balance butter.
 for lunch a boca burger with fries (i was bad)

and for dinner this :

so now i wanted to here the thoughts  of my followers what would you like to see and what questions do you want answers to?

oooooand BIG NEWS  next week i shall be moving back into the dorms at school so there will be a dorm and  pic tribute to moving in :)

happy blogging

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