Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review on Happy Herbivore's alfredo sauce

So while making the muffins i realized i would not want just muffins for dinner. I went looking through some of the random recipes i had printed out to possibley be in the fat free recipe vegan book. and found happy herbivores alfredo sauce recipe. Now ive said it time and time again me and tofu are still testing out our relationship. so i was a bit skeptical on  using  silkened tofu . but i was amazingly wrong about it it was a delicious recipe and honestly i would of never thought nutritional yeast would actually  make it taste cheesy.
  you can find her recipe on her website  or on the link above. the only things i changed on her recipe was the cayenne pepper i used the hot sauce instead  and instead of the vegan parmesan cheese i used Follow your heart vegan mozzarella cheese . I paired this recipie up with a gardine  marinara chicken  and it was to die for.

THIS WAS A GREAT RECIPE i suggest you follow her website and try to make all the yummy things she has.

I hope you try her site soon.

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