Friday, August 13, 2010


Food shopping that is , let me tell you i dont think food shopping should be that fun. I went to whole foods this had been my third time going. I had given up before because i just thought i could not get around the damn store , I also thought that it would be way to pricy and it jsut seemed like maybe they would not have much vegan stuff. But I was Totally wrong. They had a HUGE variety of vegan food even stuff on petas accidentally vegan list. These are some of the goodies i got .

I got Gardine buffalo chicken , almond breeze (first time i shall try this), nutritional yeast, agave, two soy delicious ice creams, daiya cheese, vegan dumplings, silkened tofu, extra firm tofu, and gardine beef tips. I was not alot of grocieres but im still trying to experiment  and also im trying to get all the major staples i need in any vegan kitchen such as the nutritional yeast and the agave and the other day i got apple cider vinegar. So as you can see im trying to do this little by little. But if your like me and hate going into supermarkets where you dont know where everything is  and hate looking around for hours for everything you need do what i did. My father did not want to miss his show so i called on the way to whole foods and asked that someone be available  to show me where exactly in the store i could find everything in my list and everything in future list. Whole foods actually did a pretty good job of this the person understood and showed me everything and guided me through every isle where theing were either vegan or brands that had vegan items.

So all and all this was a really good trip im excited to go shopping again next week and get some more of my stapel necessities for my cooking especially since i want to try Happy herbivores recipies so i can post them here.                                                                                                                                                        

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