Friday, August 13, 2010


So as a new vegan still in transitioning its good to meet other vegans and surround yourself with positive vegan energy. If your asking what this means it means surround yourself with people who have been through transitioning and understand why you are doing this and don't judge you because they have been through it too.
So with that said i went to Happy herbivores meet up . these meet ups are where you can meet  other vegans eat share ideas and recipes and grasp all knowledge  about being a vegan that you could possible ask for.

I got to meet Lindsay Nixon (writer creator and vegan goddess in the kitchen)  she was truly awesome and her black and white vegan cookies were amazing!!!! I also met Haley Pierson-Cox who is Awesome she is The zen of making  she is truly and awesome person she made the most delicious cupcakes and this mint chocolate patty plate that was to die for.  i also got to meet some other vegans who were also awesome. there was great conversations great eats and great people. we also tested ourselves for PH to test if we are alkaline or acidic some of you may know that if you have a healthy diet you should be more alkaline than acidic . Thankfully i was more alkaline i did not expect this since i had only been vegan for three weeks.  Along with this there was another test , the test was that if a person is more alkaline then wheat grass shots should taste sweet. I'm not one who was ever very fond of Wheat grass shots or juices only because every other time i tried it it had tasted like grass. However surprisingly this time it was sweet which was confusing for me in so many ways but i guess later on when i guess and am more knowledgeable about being vegan i will try this again.

Any way  back to the meet ups so these are truly  the greatest way to meet other vegans and try new foods i must say i was not expecting a vegan cookie to taste So damn good i actually was expecting that i would have to get use to alot of foods when i became vegan but I don't because they are really good.  Not all vegan food "taste like hippies " quoted by the zen of making herself.

Hope you guys check out the meet ups and enjoy

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