Friday, August 20, 2010

Todays food discoveries

So today i decided i was going to try everything and test out new flavors. Last night i began to prepare a new recipe which is in my FOOD tab of my blog. I also decided to prepare my breakfast ahead of time. I have so many Florida mango's left that I just don't know what to do so i decided to pour some blue agave on the slices i had cut up. I placed the pieces into a small container and shook them up and placed in the refrigerator. This morning when i was ready to have breakfast I woke up to mango's that had absorbed the agave and were juicy. 
it really was as delicious as it looked
then for lunch i had the jerk tofu the new recipe I was blabbering on about that is in my FOOD tab.  i had that for lunch you can go check that out.

I had a dunkin donuts peach tea (my current addiction) with no sugar.

while at dunkin donuts i tried to convince my nana to  not put milk in her coffee and just have it black but that did not go over to well her words were "  no no i gotta have my coffee with milk" i finally convinced her that instead of the whole milk to at least use the skim (i know to vegans this is still using the cow but I'm trying its a slow process to get my family into healthy mode) and she surprisingly did and enjoyed it to.

Also a great thing that happened today was that my mom surprisingly decided to FEED me when i say feed i mean buy me all the spiced and veggies that i needed to  make some excellent vegan recipes. Her reasoning behind buying me all this stuff was that she felt as tho she was depriving me of eating food with flavor lol but at least i was able to get the things i needed.
Well now that i  probably rambled on for some time I'm ready to get to doing my job and then heading out to Staten island tonight for some quality time with one of my sisters.
Happy Eating
Yvonne -Marie

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