Friday, August 27, 2010

Todays activities

Hello everyone
   So yesterday was kind of a crummy day for me until i got out of work. I'm at work from 9am till 6-7 pm. and this is my last week so its been extra horrid because before i leave i have to finish training the trainee and all the work we have. But however my night turned out great once i got a call from my best friend Rocio ( you might know her as rosey21 on twitter) Go check out her blog she is amazing i love her dearly and she is an American obsessed with the European music . I wanted to go out to eat so we did and my little brother came with us we hit a sushi joint close to my house i got an avocado roll and they shared a teriaki sandwich. Once i got home i saw i had MAIL. I'm still like a child when i get mail (yes even if its a bill) this is what i got.

On twitter i won a body by Bethany DVD its yogatastic (i shall be trying this tonight ) and with it came an acacia catalog that I'm still looking through and my fitness magazine i subscribed to in June I love this magazine its the best. Check out Fitness mag to subscribe or look at all their friendly advice online.

That was my night and of course some blogging  which i have NEWS I'm thinking about posting a who's the top blog this week section, and although I'm not comfortable with my body yet my own work outs that i must say have been working but not a very camera loving person. But if you guys are supportive i shall be posting the workouts I do and have worked for me on here in its own little section on THE MASH.

hope you enjoyed today's activities

Happy reminder: today's activities is usually posted from the night before :)

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